Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Reviewing the bravest of the brave

Babe, the Brave Pig is a 1995 children’s film with equal doses of comedy and drama. The film is set in Australia, at the same time, directed by Chris Noonan and based on the novel Babe, the Gallant Pig by Dick King-Smith. The main characters are real animals and computer-animated puppetry, who adopt human roles in a fenced society. The events take place on a farm, where our hero gives us a lesson of humanity (?) and strength, breaking the unfair rules of the establishment; it is clearly reminiscent of Animal Farm by George Orwell.
This fairy tale begins when Babe is separated from his mother and is bought by a farmer, who will be as bold as him, deciding to participate in a sheep-herding contest with a sheep-pig. As the plot evolves, we realize that Babe is looking for his place on the farm and inspired by Ferdinand (a duck who usurps the rooster’s role to save his life) and his adoptive mother (a sheepdog), he rebels from this barnyard society, where everyone has their role to play, being useful and not only the Christmas dinner. What is striking about this film are the staggering special effects, which make us believe that the animals are speaking and thinking like a C1 student, coupled with its magnificent soundtrack, which intensifies Babe’s highs and lows. On the other hand, although the simplicity of the script hides a powerful message, the ending is totally predictable and the humans’ performances are appallingly overacted. Actually, I would say that the acting has been done as in a pantomime to make people laugh.
To sum up, “Bravebabe” is an inspirational film, which I would thoroughly recommend to you. It is well worth seeing, but forgetting your prejudices of adulthood and becoming the child you were once upon a time. If nothing else, you will be happy when you see the grand conclusion and realize that you have to follow your dreams, even persevering with the difficulties that you have to face in achieving them.
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Regardez le ciel. Demandez-vous : le mouton oui ou non at-il mangé la fleur? Et vous verrez comme tout change… Et aucune grande personne ne comprendra jamais que ça a tellement d’importance !

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