Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Instruction manual

Written words on pages of paper make a BOOK; that is to say a physical book. Do you remember those rectangular objects that occupied some places in your home, giving colour and filling empty furniture? You look like as if an express train had hit you. Probably, you also forgot how they work and for this reason, I think that this video can help us to develop successfully that activity called How to read a book.
Heaven help us!
Oddly enough, when I was a kid, I’d read several newspapers every day, which were the seeds of my passion for another fiction: Literature. Maybe, this is the explanation for my taste in simplicity, without running rings around the same thing with long descriptions; although, lately I’ve been tolerant with a little embellishment. My love for books was increased as a printer (was I working for a printing company by coincidence? I know that you don’t believe in that) and far from looking for other alternatives in my leisure time, I enjoyed choosing a book from my bookshelves or the public library. As a result, those sheets of paper that cut my hands like sharp blades at work, also gave shelter to my chaotic mind.

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