Friday, 17 October 2014

Travelling, travelling

It is generally recognized that travel broadens the mind. However, I have a perception that every year millions of people travel to other places for vacations, spending billions of euros, looking for a kind of entertainment to fill the gap in their ordinary lives and incidentally justify their vanity.
As for the ambiguity between TRAVELLERS OR TOURISTS, being honest, I couldn’t find any difference nowadays. To my way of thinking, all of them are people who appreciate the journeys like an experience that meets their expectations. Some of them look for monuments and museums, others geographical features and traditions or all at the same time. Therefore, in the 21st century, with excellent communications and globalization, the romantic image of a traveller associated with an explorer is ridiculous; most of them are people who try to get away from it all (work, studies or homework). For this reason, if we want to define this activity with the negative connotation of a tourist or the positive view of a traveller, I agree with some of our classmates that it is simply an exercise of semantics.

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