Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Artistic expressions?

These words remind me of many conversations with an art critic, who tried to explain to me the difference between an artist and a craftsman, without any success, when I was working as a printer (every week I had to print some catalogues and reproduce the work exactly like the paintings, above all the colour, for exhibitions in galleries). Frequently, his assessment didn’t coincide with mine and when he reached an orgasm with works so abstract that my limited mind couldn’t understand, I tried to imagine how many limited people would be involved during the opening ceremony, such as politicians or businessmen, who probably were the only ones that would understand the meaning of art: $
Nevertheless, on the subject of films, my capacity to feel emotions is a little broader and if I had to choose one film to give the label of ART, without any doubt, it would be: The bicycle thief by Vittorio De Sica, which in comparison to Hollywood with its power and glamour, the latter is only entertainment.
Even so, after having seen the film again (on this occasion in Italian), having been looking for data and reading a compendium of articles about this masterpiece, I’ve decided to do my review for another understated film. In fact, it competed for the best film among my most intimate circle of friends, with an overrated war blockbuster called Braveheart, during the year they were launched. The chosen work is a thought-provoking family film named by us “Bravebabe”.  
¡Endeluego vaya saltabalates illo!


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  1. Not expecting to read anything in Spanish, let alone in “Motrileño”, I have to admit that I couldn’t help bursting out laughing :))