Saturday, 24 January 2015

Row, row, row your boat...

Sometimes memories of the PAST, including the many mistakes we made, are recalled with sorrow more than with anger. At the same time, we look longingly to the FUTURE, pinning all our hopes on some ambitious plans, which encourage us to be involved in a race to reach… who knows what. However, the PRESENT doesn’t seem to exist. Actually, our everyday experiences are considered trivial or even meaningless for ourselves. It's true we are not the kind of people that this society looks at with admiration, although in the light of that issue, we should know that with no more than a few joyful moments, we’ll cross the finishisng line.

:( No doubt, after reading this rambling post, you won’t wish to check this boring blog again. Anyway, if attention is paid to this song/video, you’ll understand these idle reflections better :)

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