Sunday, 11 January 2015

Ready, aim, fire!

Religious extremism has always been as dangerous as the most powerful weapon: stealing many lives and leaving painful wounds on others. Obviously, I’m talking about holding grudges, but don’t forget that they are only words. Are they important? Of course, they are the cartridge cases of that war in which I stand up for the human race and freedom of speech.
Sincerely, I can’t see any difference nowadays between the main religions and those so called sects. From the moment that they reduce you to being part of a community, you lose your freedom, which is what I believe and practice as my own spiritual faith. I would say that I’m agnostic –again in the middle of the classical black or white. Even though, I recognize the necessity of looking for a place or state where I can calm my soul. Rituals from different religions are often the perfect path to reach the longed-for peace, but freeing them of dogmas, precepts, commandments or fears.
To my mind, we don’t want to believe that we are executioners and victims at the same time. Violence, discrimination, fanaticism… are the truths that we don’t want to see in ourselves. Although, this kind of "social problems" should show us that human beings have been the same for centuries and because of our nature we dominate the earth for good and for bad (along with rats and cockroaches). However, it’s better for us to think that we have the solution; we can change. Will our children change this world? Last Wednesday, while I had lunch with my family and we were watching the News, it sent a shiver down my spine when I felt that my son was as I was at his age and I was watching the same war, the same conflict, the same hatred, the same irrationality between animals. Oh, sorry! We are human…


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