Friday, 3 July 2015

That's it!

Checking thousands of photocopies and all the material supplied on my second course, I thought about writing a summary, briefly mentioning some ideas, which have been influential during my learning of English. But, trying to assimilate more structures and implement the range of expressions required for a C1 student have not been for me, the most exciting. However, not only did I understand its importance, but I’m trying to use it in my exams for UNED.
Fifteen years ago, when I started learning English by going to this LANGUAGE SCHOOL, I was asked about what hobby I had and my first impulse was to answer that I didn’t have time for hobbies; all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The reason was that I associated hobbies with activities like potholing or playing video games, which were not on my list of priorities. However, for a printer who was overworked and underpaid, those lessons with his first English teachers, where I had to express my daily routine or my future goals, were giving me a terrible view of myself. Although, at the same time, gave me hope for change:

I caressed its metallic skin and injected some dense fluids € I knew when we had to play a ballad or a deafening melody € Throughout our concert, we repeated empty words € It wasn’t so clear, who was the craftsman or the instrument € I manipulated its actions while it controlled my wings € Probably, I’ll never fly, but at least, I'm walking for now.

I firmly believe that people need role models or mentors in their careers; teachers that gain respect from students. It is not a secret that every year Emilio gains respect and admiration from his students; above all, between teachers and those who pretend to be. They not only value his profound wisdom, but how he leads or guides pupils to knowledge beyond to pass a multiple choice test.
I’d like to finish this blog, by saying goodbye to all my classmates. Although, before I do so, I’d like to express to my surprise, how much I’ve learnt about all of you; believe me. I wish you success in all walks of life and let me give you a piece of advice: Take it easy and don’t let your goals in life be a simple competition. Hasta siempre.

By the way, which is the “in” colour this summer?

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