Friday, 12 December 2014

I don't give advice... you're probably right

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve never really taken the numerous world leaders seriously. After all, those type of people are classed as psychopaths by many experts in this field. Nevertheless, I’m rather sorry for their followers, who put their half-truths before their lives and their families.
Recently, at one of those exciting meetings, where I tried to show the clown in me, I met a good lad in his early twenties and we were exchanging views about endangered languages like Catalan or Maori (believe it or not). I'm not sure why, he shared with me some of his worries that were upsetting him because of one of those brainwashing activists (partaking alcohol loosens the tongue). However, I didn’t know what to tell him and even less how to advise him. In fact, I realized that he really wanted to be part of the establishment and be the ideal convert that he had become moulded. So, the only thing that came to mind was for me to tell him  he deserved to live a real life, but who am I to judge?


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